One on One Sessions with Nikol

Can you imagine to enjoy your body? To not look at it through judgements or problems, but from kindness, caring and possibilities? I would like to invite you to open up this space where you can have fun and ease with your body.

Nikol giving a SOP Session.

abuse hold

how much do you still abuse your body with the past that is already gone? what if you can free yourself and your body from this chain? 

to be able to receive this session, you must listen to this recording by gary douglas ( the founder of access consciousness) at least 30 times. please do so before booking your session. 

access bars

would you like to hear the birds sing, hear the sounds of the ocean or perceive the movements of a tree again?

access bars allows you to relax and receive more. it opens up the space where you can turn problems into possibilities, see fear as an invitation, not a problem and your life as an infinite space of new tastes and colors. 

the space that will open allows you to become more present and less distracted to create a life you love. 

access facelift

the access energetic facelift energies are like a warm wave that contributes to you and the connection with your body. it can open up more receiving, more pleasure, more joy, more communication with your body and more aliveness. 

the bodyprocess is very soft, nurturing and relaxing for the body to receive, creating change not only visually, but internally. 

would you like to gift this to your body? 

coaching session

what areas of your life are ready to be opened? what if you don’t have to stay stuck and you can choose something different? more joy, more ease, more pleasure, more possibilities and choosing to truly be alive.
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this access consciousness body process allows you to release lies and judgements about yourself. the energy of this process is very deep and nurturing, creating a lot of space in and for your body. 

many diseases and discomfort with our bodies are mostly caused by not being able to let go of the points of view and lies we have locked into our bodies, consciously or unconsciously.

with the soft but deep touches of esse, anything can be melted. 

symphony of possibilities

the symphony of possibilities session opens up the space to actualize your asks by energetically playing with the molecules of the body. what are you asking for? what would you like to create as your life? and what if everything is possible…? 

people describe the sop energy as magical, allowing things to show up or change that should not be possible.

are you willing to explore what’s truly possible for you and your body?