Nikol Pecka during a Coaching Session.

empowering transformation

With the BeYou Photoshoot, Personal Coaching and Private Bodywork Sessions, I invite you to choose more. To discover your true self, have more ease and joy with your body and unlock limitations to access your full potential.

Nikol Pecková during a photoshoot.
Nikol During a shoot.

BeYou Photography

embrace your true self

Through my lens I do not see your judgements, I see YOU. A BeYou Photoshoot is not only about the beautiful photographs as a result. It's also very much about the journey.

Through kindness and facilitation I invite you to connect with the lightness of your being. The pure space you could access as a child. Where you could be unapologetically you.

Is it time to start seeing yourself as beautiful and unique as you truly are?

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Siglinde Schuy headshot

The photo session with Nikol was amazing. She helped me to relax more and more with my body and be me. She was so much space and allowance and the results are amazing!

Siglinde Schuy

Petra-Alemke van der Gaag headshot

A photoshoot with Nikol will change your life at least mine did. For 25 years I hated to be on pictures..the first shoot it was a bit awkward for me and had a lot of tension when I saw the pictures I saw a woman with joy and presence so the 2nd shoot I was totally me, relaxed and have so much something that I couldn't image the days before. And I had so much fun and it has opened so many space and possibilities for me, my body and my business. So grateful!

Petra-Alemke van der Gaag

Heather Nichols headshot

Photo shoots with Nikol are soooo easy, fun, nurturing, and such a contribution to my life. The photos are always phenomenal too! The name “be you” photo shoot is spot on!

Heather Nichols

Marketá Podaná headshot

I have never enjoyed taking photos with someone as much as with Nikol Pecka, she has an incredible gift and talent to be a space in which you can throw away everything and simply be yourself. This lady is Being you changing the world walking talking.

Markéta Podaná

discover the gift of access consciousness bodywork

one on one bodywork sessions with Nikol

abuse hold

How much do you still abuse your body with the past that is already gone? What if you can free yourself and your body from this chain?

access bars

Access Bars opens up the space where you can turn problems into possibilities, see fear as an adventure and your life as an infinite space of new tastes and colors.

access facelift

The Access Energetic Facelift allows you to feel and communicate with your body, receive more pleasure, be alive and experience more joy.

coaching session

What areas of your life are ready to be opened? What if you don’t have to stay stuck and you can choose something different?


ESSE allows you to release so many lies and judgements about yourself. This deep and nurturing process can create a lot of space in your body.

symphony of possibilities

the symphony of possibilities session opens up the space to actualize your asks by energetically playing with the molecules of the body. what are you asking for?

Abuse Hold Session in progress.
Access Bars session being given.
Access Facelift Session in progress.