Who I am

From anxiety, depression, unstoppable overeating and judging myself for everything, to freedom, courage, a happy body and a positive mindset like I always had as a child.

“What if everything you are looking for outside of yourself, you can find inside of you?”

“I have chosen to look at myself from the inside and started to see my life and this world from a different perspective.
Now, I am who I am.
I am more of me.
I am more demanding in my asks and choices.
I am ready to shine where it is required.
I am ready to be here for those who are choosing to live their lives and be more of themselves.”

Be you for yourself and shine no matter what.

What I do

I look at people and the world through my eyes.
I invite people to just BE and shine!
Everybody can find their potency, their own capacities and make them visible to the world.
It’s up to us if we make that choice that will open a space full of possibilities and new adventures!

I love to play with bodies and energies.
I love to see the process of people becoming more and more of themselves.
A photoshoot or body session are such beautiful processes that make me happy and excited to continue and ask for more.
I am asking for happy bodies on this planet we live on.
I am asking for more kindness and vulnerability, for more lighthouses in this world.

Will you become one of them?

"Be the Lighthouse"

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